The question on the existence of a god

Can we know that god exists by reason alone what are some of the main pathways for reaching god's existence can conscience and human freedom be paths to a personal god who loves us these are some of the questions discussed in this summary of catholic teaching. I recently attended two conversations under the aegis of the templeton foundation's big questions initiative both dealt with whether god exists”one directly, the other obliquely, by asking whether science makes belief in god obsolete both were so deeply unsatisfying that i have to wonder whether this. Is there proof of god's existence unsatisfactory answers lead some to atheism, but 5 compelling reasons give evidence of god as a loving creator. The importance of accurate data in quantitative modeling is central to the subject raised in the question: using bayes's theorem to calculate the probability of the existence of god scientific discussion of religion is a popular topic at present, with three new books arguing against theism and one, university of oxford professor. Again, the why is simply answered: because existence is so extraordinary you see, if you believe the question of god is worth asking then it's because you've sensed that life might have meaning, that the cosmos is for something, that there might be an explanation beyond chance as to why there is. In recent years, a number of works have appeared with important implications for the age-old question of the existence of a god these writings, many of which a. You ask two distinct questions the first is whether it is rational to assert that god is possible, assuming that you cannot prove or disprove that god exists the second question is whether the concept of god would occur to anyone who is not influenced by the preaching of religious teachers about the first.

But we do get it we exist therefore there must exist a god: an uncaused being who does not have to receive existence like us—and like every other link in the chain of receivers question 1: why do we need an uncaused cause why could there not simply be an endless series of things mutually keeping each other in. God is there a god what is the definition of god what gives you certainty in your belief how do you deal with doubt who created god is god male or female what does god need from us who is/are the messiah(s) who is the devil. I hope that this answer will help you on your way towards a sure faith that god is really there, and more than that, he is a god who loves his world, and wants to bless those who have faith in him let me start by saying, the honest answer to your question is that when we deal with the existence of god, we don't deal in proof,.

Summary does god exist this is one of the most important questions a person can consider your belief in the existence of god has enormous implications on your views of life, humanity, morality, and destiny in this article, dr craig offers three reasons why life would be meaningless without god and then presents five. Does god exist first, what is god we all have conceptions of god, often due to early childhood experiences and upbringing but that does not tell us what a god is, or what category of existence applies to god let us analyze this question by starting with literal aspects of the question first the fact that we capitalize the first. Scrooge and the question of god's existence is a modern day adaptation of charles dickens' 'a christmas carol' which chronicles the overnight transformation of the world-famous atheist, ebenezer scrooge scrooge is on a crusade to rid the world of religion (bah-humbug), and things could hardly be going better with the.

The universe presents overwhelming evidence for god's existence (psalm 19:1) but no one can be forced to believe in god in fact, god's infinite nature makes it impossible to apprehend him directly (1 timothy 1:17 6:16) because god is spirit, conclusions about the ultimate beginnings of the universe need to be drawn. Proof of god can we know—really know—that god exists we need to be aware, first of all, that we can't prove god exists in the same way we can prove the correct solution to a geometry problem or a scientific formula we should remember, too, that although we can't prove god exists, neither can we prove that he doesn't. God, in short, isn't one very impressive thing among many things that might or might not exist “not just some especially resplendent object among all the objects illuminated by the light of being,” as hart puts it rather, god is “the light of being itself”, the answer to the question of why there's existence to. The question of whether a god exists is heating up in the 21st century according to a pew survey, the percent of americans having no religious affiliation reached 23 percent in 2014.

The question on the existence of a god

When people think about life, one of the most common questions that you may ask yourself is: do i believe god exists, and if i believe he does, what would he be like many people stop there and dismiss the thought as wishful thinking or that they may never know the answer -- or negatively decide that god does not exist.

  • In the new testament, people still question god's existence and power, even while he himself is on earth with us in the flesh the gospel of mark recounts a story of a man who brought his demon-possessed son for jesus to heal mark 9: 22-24 - “but if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us” “'if you can.
  • Looking for evidence we can't prove god exists in a scientific sense however, many things can't be proved scientifically and they are still true there's a sense in which humanity has simply accepted that there is a god, or gods historically humans have always had a belief in a greater being as part of their culture.
  • Whether there's intelligent life beyond earth, or more specifically, intelligent life beyond earth in our galaxy that's still alive right now, is a more dubious proposition, but the outcome of this scientific question in no way favors or disfavors the existence of god, any more than the order of whether fish or birds.

The answer is, yes, it can moreover, in demonstrating the validity of an argument for the existence of god, the case for atheism is shown to be intellectually weak to make an argument for the existence of god, we must start by asking the right questions we begin with the most basic metaphysical question: “why do we have. Note from editor of the conversation us: this is a revised version of the original piece we have done so to make explicit the author's expertise with regard to the subject of this article we have also incorporated important context that was missing in the original version the question of whether a god exists. Disputes about the existence of god — like most disputes about religion, politics, and sex — almost always generate heat but not light the question of the existence of god seems intractable as with other philosophical questions, there is no method to follow in seeking to answer it moreover, there is no.

the question on the existence of a god One problem posed by the question of the existence of god is that traditional beliefs usually ascribe to god various supernatural powers supernatural beings may be able to conceal and reveal themselves for their own purposes, as for example in the tale of baucis and.
The question on the existence of a god
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